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Understanding Corrugated Board

Jun. 17, 2021

The Corrugated Cardboard Production Line consists of the following parts: Raw paper frame. Heating tunnel, single-sided corrugator, crane, multi-phase preheater, gluer, double-sided heating and forming machine, wire press slitter, cross cutter, stacker and boiler. The raw paper is fed from the raw paper rack and passes through the heating tunnel where it heats the paper and regulates the moisture in the paper. The paper is then fed into the single-sided corrugating unit, where it is corrugated and bonded to another sheet of paper to form single-sided corrugated paper. Afterwards, the paper is sent by crane to the multi-phase preheater for preheating.

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

The gluer applies glue to the paper, and the glued paper is sent to the double-sided heated forming machine, at which point the final corrugated paper is formed and continuously output. The formed paper then passes through a slitting and folding machine, which slits, folds and cross-cuts the paper to make the final complete rectangular corrugated paper.

Corrugated Board can be divided into five types according to different combinations as follows:

1. Cardboard consisting of a layer of core paper and kraft paper is called "luva's cardboard", commonly known as "see pit paper". Corrugated cardboard is generally used only for cushions, space and irregular shapes.

2. A cardboard made of one layer of core paper and two layers of kraft paper is called "single pit board", also called three-layer board.

3, two layers of core paper sandwiched between three layers of kraft paper called "double pit board", also known as five layers of cardboard. Double pit paperboard can be composed of different pit paper and paper width, such as "B" pit paper and "C" pit paper.

4, three layers of core paper sandwiched between four layers of kraft paper called "three pit cardboard", also known as seven layers of cardboard.

5. extra strong double-sided cardboard is a variant of single-layer cardboard. The middle layer of core paper consists of two layers of thick core paper, relatively rare.

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