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Application Maintenance of Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Jun. 03, 2021

According to the production process of corrugated board, the Corrugated Cardboard Production Line consists of two relatively independent process sections: wet section equipment and cadre equipment. The wet section equipment mainly includes the raw paper tray, automatic splicer, preheater and preconditioner, single-sided corrugator, paper transfer bridge, gluer, double-sided machine, etc. The wet section equipment makes corrugated board into three, five or seven layers of corrugated board with different flute combinations. The cadre equipment mainly includes rotary cutter, longitudinal creasing machine, cross-cutting machine, stacking machine, etc. The cadre equipment will make corrugated board into longitudinal creasing, cross-cutting and stacking according to the order requirements.

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Corrugated cardboard production lines are the key production equipment for corrugated carton manufacturers. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market, corrugated carton enterprises must improve the automation level of corrugated cardboard production lines and improve the production management level of corrugated cardboard production lines to improve quality, increase efficiency, save energy, save manpower, reduce consumables and reduce scrap. The cadre equipment is the key to achieving this goal. Corrugated carton enterprises should upgrade the cadre equipment of old production lines, and new production lines should be equipped with fully automatic cadre equipment with production management systems.

To guide the maintenance and application of Corrugated Cardboard Production Equipment according to the performance, characteristics and uses of lubrication technology monographs.

1. Overview

High-temperature grease is a compound soap thickened semi-synthetic lubricant with structural improvers, anti-oxidation additives and special anti-wear additives and made.

2. Performance characteristics

Excellent high temperature performance and oxidation stability performance, to prevent high temperature degradation of grease, to ensure that the lubrication part of high temperature long-term normal work; excellent adhesion performance, good mechanical stability and colloidal stability, to ensure that the lubrication part and will not be lost; good lubrication, to protect the bearing to reduce wear; excellent overall performance, to ensure a long service life of the bearing.

3. Application

Suitable for lubrication of various bearings, gears, chains and other transmission machinery parts under high temperature environment; suitable for metallurgy, mining, oilfield, machinery, transportation and other industries in high temperature, heavy load, moisture and other adverse conditions motor, bearing, gear lubrication; especially for high temperature bearings.

4. Precautions

When using, the lubrication parts should be clean; and do plastic compatibility test, compatible before use; stored in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture, impurities mixed in and affect product quality.

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